Architect as Artist

trained as both an artist and an architect, ward jewell

brings a unique perspective to the architectural process



Ward’s academic journey began at USC where he earned a degree in Fine Arts. He then went on to study modern architecture at Sci-Arc under such luminaries as Coy Howard and Sci-Arc founder Thom Mayne. This emersion in modernism taught Ward to prioritize the relationship between structure and environment when approaching a design project.


Growing up in a home designed by legendary LA architect Wallace Neff made an impression on Ward at a young age. It gave him a first-hand familiarity with balanced proportion, appropriate scale and strategic ornament. Later, Ward’s understanding of traditional architecture was honed working on homes designed by Paul Williams, Roland Coate and Gerard Colcord.


Ward approaches each project as artist, architect and academic. Whether he is conceiving of a new residence or adding to an existing home, Ward employs these three disciplines as he researches historical styles, materials, architects, and building techniques to inform his creative process and inspire his designs.


About Ward


When clients hire Ward, they work with Ward from start to finish. He personally designs each commission, whether it is a renovation or a custom new home.  While every project is a collaboration with the clients, interior designers and landscape designers, it is Ward’s vision that guides the design process. In his dedication to realizing that vision, Ward also provides site observation throughout construction. This oversight is essential to the project’s success.