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 Working with Ward


Ward’s approach to architecture is studied, purposeful and thorough. Every aspect of the project, from how the house sits on the property to its interior architecture - materials, fixtures, finishes and hardscape - is personally planned and designed by Ward. His drawings are meticulously detailed to ensure the construction process is seamless and the home is built with strict adherence to the plans. The result is a home that is harmonious with its surroundings, timeless in its style and delightful to live in.


“Ward meticulously designed every detail with incredible vision and commitment to the style and scale of the house. He met with us every week to make sure the Project was moving forward and coordinated with the trades involved to answer any questions. He is truly a professional and a visionary.”


Ward’s Path to Architecture


“What is truly remarkable about Ward is his ability to wrap his architectural vision around a cultural construct. He makes better use of historical reference than anyone. What I mean is, Ward is truly a student of architecture.” - Josh cooperman, convo by design